We pride ourselves on our charitable efforts in University Hall. Through a wide range of events, we aim to raise funds and awareness for worthwhile causes. We hope that you can get involved thereby helping both local and international programs as well as boosting our ranking in the inter-hall league tables!


Each year, the Hall votes on which charities they would like to support. The Hall usually chooses two and these often include a wide variety of charities. In 2019-20 we are supporting Calum’s Cabins and Amazon Frontlines. The charity rep is responsible for organising events to raise money for our chosen charities throughout the year!


We have organized a wide range of initiatives to raise funds and we are always welcome to new ideas! Here are a few examples:

  • Hall Clothing Sales

  • Shaving Foam sale for Raisin Foam Fight

  • Money Collection on Pub Crawl

  • Charity Bungee Jumps



Every year, the charity rep organises a large charity event that the whole hall is invited to contribute to. A good past example is a team trail marathon. In this event, runners were organised into teams and divided up the marathon into chunks. Each team competed to try and raise the most money for the chosen charities. This fostered good community spirit in our hall! 

There are also opportunities to get involved with the planning and organising of events like these! Below are some photos from the event: