In line with the University's ambitious environmental plan, University Hall has a strong 'Green' ethos. Through the work of our sustainability representative, a range of initiatives help raise awareness and promote active engagement. Recycling campaigns, green film weeks, 'bring your own cup' events and hedgehog hotel building all help to distinguish the Hall.

Our community garden is also a part of the Hall that we are very proud of. The sustainability reps manage the garden and organises weekly sessions for residents.


The community garden is a project predominantly driven and coordinated by the students of University Hall. In early 2014, work began transforming a grassy patch at the rear of the hall into a modest vegetable plot. A series of expansions and enthusiastic diggers have since seen the plot grow. The investment in a shed completes the garden and today harvested items frequently make it onto the plates of the Hall! Residents are also welcome to take the herbs and vegetables that are grown to make their own delicious dishes!

We are always looking for more keen gardeners so please come along to one of our sessions! The garden is a great way to relax away from the pressures of coursework.... plus we can tempt you with biscuits and a nice cup of tea or coffee!

Organised sessions are on Wednesday afternoons 3:00-5:00pm